The Brexit transition period ended on the 31st December 2020 (11pm GMT) and the Trade & Cooperation Agreement reached between the UK and the EU has now taken effect. To find out more about the deal and what it means for businesses click here.

The new rules bring significant changes that UK businesses will need to adjust to when trading with the EU. The GBCC is here to help businesses adapt to the new trading arrangements and will continue to provide businesses with Brexit related support and services following the end of the transition period.

For more information on GBCC Brexit workshops and webinars click here, for our international trade training courses click here and for our “Bitesize Brexit” videos click here.

What are we advising businesses?

1. Communicate: Reach out to your EU staff, contacts, business partners, suppliers and customers and reassure them that they remain important to your business and a part of your strategy moving forwards.

2. Research: Seek to understand your business’ current relationship with EU markets and what impact any potential changes to people & skills, trade, regulation & legal and funding environments would have on your business.

3. Prepare: Using your research, you should have an understanding of the risks and opportunities facing your business as a result of the end of the Brexit transition period. You may wish to review key strategies (e.g. recruitment, the international markets you are prioritising expansion in, suppliers, staff development & training) accordingly.

4. Seek Support: No business needs to navigate Brexit alone and while Brexit represents challenges it also brings opportunities. The GBCC is here to help businesses get ready with advice, guidance, training & peer learning.

Brexit Support and Services: 


Connect with fellow local businesses through:

  • Peer Learning: Member only peer to peer sessions sharing practical learning and experiences
  • Member to Member offers: Raise awareness of the services your company can provide to support businesses through Brexit (click here to contact us)
  • Thought Leadership Content: providing blog posts and videos on tips for adapting to Brexit (click here to contact us)
  • Chamberlink Daily Articles: showcasing your businesses’ latest news and response to Brexit to over 14,000 subscribers (click here to contact us)
  • Sponsor of Commission Research: understand the local business impact and responses to Brexit (click here)

Support your business through:

  • Brexit Hub: advice & business briefings (click here)
  • Informative Webinars: on what will change & how to prepare (click here)
  • Accredited Training: on international trade aspects of Brexit (click here)
  • Funding: Support & guidance on grants for training & support (click here)
  • International Trade & Customs Advice: from our expert advisors (click here)
  • Lobbying & Campaigning Activity: Raise a business issue or provide a case study, contact us (click here)

Grow your business in new markets through:

  • International Trade Support: from our DIT International Trade Advisors (click here)
  • Enterprise Europe Network Support: advice & business partnership opportunities (click here)
  • Transatlantic Chamber of Commerce: access opportunities on bilateral transatlantic trade (click here)
  • Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce: access opportunities on bilateral Commonwealth trade (click here)
  • The Global Chamber Network: The British Chambers of Commerce Global Business Network have offices in over 60 countries

Brexit Timeline

We are working hard to keep businesses informed about the latest Brexit Developments. Our Brexit timeline helps you keep track of the latest announcements and major milestones.

View Brexit Timeline


Brexit: Impact on Businesses

This report from the Chamber highlights how businesses are being impacted by the new trading arrangements with the EU.

Click Here to View the Report


People and Skills

This section provides guides on the changes to the right to work checks and the UK’s points-based immigration system. Find out more information on how Brexit impacts your staff, your business’ future recruitment of EU nationals, and the ability to move citizens to and from the UK and the EU for work.

Click Here For More Details



The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce have produced an online guide outlining how the UK/EU border will operate from 1 January 2021 and the new processes that businesses need to be aware of when trading with Northern Ireland.

Click Here For More Details


Brexit Checklists

The GBCC has created a series of Brexit checklists covering a range of topics to help businesses in their preparations for the UK’s departure from the EU.

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Training Support & Webinars

The GBCC offer a wide range of accredited international trade related training courses that can help businesses adapt to and prepare for Brexit and beyond. Topics include: Incoterms 2020, Customs declarations, Import and Export Essentials.

View Training Courses

The Chamber has produced a number of online videos to help businesses prepare for the end of the transition period. Topics covered include: trade in goods and services, transferring data and employing EU nationals.

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