Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Quality Policy

Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC) operate in Birmingham, Solihull and Southern Staffordshire and comprise the:

  • Birmingham Chamber of Commerce
  • Asian Business Chamber of Commerce
  • British American Business Council
  • Burton & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Chase Chamber of Commerce
  • Future Faces
  • Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerce
  • Solihull Chamber of Commerce
  • Sutton Coldfield Chamber of Commerce

GBCC is a business membership organisation with the primary functions of:

  • representing members’ views through lobbying activity
  • offering support and growth opportunities for member businesses, in particular through networking events; and
  • providing government funded and commercially based business services to its members and customers.

GBCC’s mission is to ‘Connect, Support and Grow local businesses. To this end we want to:

  • create a partnership with local business
  • be the ”go to” organisation for businesses seeking help
  • help local businesses to grow by constant support and connection to opportunities
  • create a thriving business community
  • be respected by businesses and government for articulating what business wants

GBCC is committed to achieving accredited ISO 9001 certification through collaboration with all our interested parties. This will ensure consistency of approach, continual improvement and confidence in our processes to deliver products and services to requirements.

GBCC is committed to  the continual improvement of its Quality Management System and to satisfying applicable requirements including statutory and regulatory obligations.

Quality objectives are set to support this policy and the organization’s changing context. These are reviewed by top management at scheduled management review meetings.

GBCC is committed to enhancing customer satisfaction through the effective application of its Quality Management System