Frequently asked questions

The majority of our requests come from companies, but we also often work with private individuals and are happy to help them with their translation needs.

A good translation should clearly convey the meaning of the original text, read smoothly, and be free from spelling or grammatical errors. Naturally, if you are unable to have an independent professional translator examine both documents, you will not be able to check this.

That is why selecting a professional translation service is critical. Our chamber translation services guarantee completed transactions are quality checked by a proof reader or editor before delivery to the customer.

All Chamber translators are bound by confidentiality agreements. To increase confidentiality, customer information is removed from the text given to a translator whenever possible. In addition to this, we ensure any materials transmitted electronically are transferred securely where appropriate and maintain the highest levels of information security.

Our preferred method to receive and deliver translations jobs is via email or secure electronic transfer. As well as being the most cost and time-efficient method, this ensures we can follow your layout requirements exactly without you incurring additional typesetting costs. If this isn’t possible we are able to arrange a secure handover for your document, just get in touch.

We offer fast document translations, but there are many variables in translation work, so we cannot offer a standard turnaround time. A short, non-technical document can be translated into a few languages within a few hours, whereas large, complex multilingual projects may take days or even weeks to complete. Whatever your timescale we will endeavour to work with you to meet your needs, and we will be entirely honest if we do not feel that a requested timescale can be met.

We support all commercial world languages and routinely translate English to and from: French, Italian, German, Spanish (all), Portuguese (both), Dutch, Hungarian, Austrian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Thai, Korean, Chinese (both), Japanese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Greek, Turkish, Malay and Vietnamese.