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The world of export documentation can be difficult and complicated for those who are new to international trade. Even the most seasoned exporters can experience problems when completing the necessary paperwork for their shipments. We have more than 50 years of experience in assisting exporters and issuing them with a wide range of documents used in international business and trade.

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At The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, we also offer a wide range of courses on export and import procedures, including courses for import and export documentation.


The team are fully accredited and authorised by the British Chambers of Commerce, HMRC and BIS to issue Certificates of Origin, EUR1 and ATR preference documents and ATA Carnets. The field of export documents can be confusing even for seasoned exporters. We can guide you through any requirements you may have.


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What export documentation certificates do we provide?

Certificates of Origin

Commercial or customs clearance documents required in some countries to evidence the origin of the goods.

ATA Carnets

International Customs document which allows the temporary movement of goods.

EUR1 and ATR Documents

Enables importers in certain countries to import goods at a reduced rate of import duty

Letter of credit service

Save time, reduce errors, and speed up payment by using our trusted Letter of Credit service.

Intl Import Certificates

Documents required for the movement of controlled/sensitive goods.


Training courses we offer

We have expanded the number of courses in response to the needs of companies involved in International Trade. Our aim is to ensure your staff are professionally trained to aid the development of your business. We are offering the following courses:

This course is suitable for all exporters who want to learn about the important documents to be used for international shipments including the documentation required for each mode of transport.

They will learn where to find assistance from regulatory bodies, and more importantly, why they are required.

Making payment is a key part of any transaction. Delegates on this course will learn about different methods of payment used in international trade and be able to identify and undertand methods of payment used in international trade and be able to identify and understand the documentation for each method of payment.

This course is perfect if you want to know the importance of the Letters of Credit procedure and the different types available, enabling businesses to comply with the requirements.

The aim of this course is to ensure that all those attending understand the necessary requirements for successful importing into the UK and EU – and how they can apply those requirements in their place of work. This programme is designed to give an in-depth study of the administrative, legal, logistical and financial demands which are vital for ensuring that goods are delivered cost effectively and with the minimum of delay.

This course is for importers and exporters that need to understand where the responsibility transfers when shipping goods. Every 10 years the International Chambers of Commerce update their terms and the new publication with all current information has been released. Learn about all of the updates here, as to not be current could be costly to your business.

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