Successful security sounds and means different things to different people.

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Successful security sounds and means different things to different people.

In many ways, security is on a par, perhaps even a partner, with insurance. You only think you need it when something actually happens. When it does, you will have to accept the inevitable consequences, unless you have taken sensible precautions.

It will be too late, when you arrive in the morning at your offices and find the contents scattered everywhere; your computer system in disarray, and an extensive clear-up to arrange.

Of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing. We can all fall into that trap; but I have to ask the key question - Why take those risks in the first place?

Disruption to your business, your ability to support your staff, and meeting your customers’ demands are likely to be more costly, in the long-term, than having a reliable security system installed in the first place. You will find your insurance premiums will also be lower with a quality security system installed.

Then, if you translate this scenario into a similar domestic break-in, there are equally disturbing situations to be managed; and all of this in our exceedingly busy lives.

As a client recently reminded me, 'I won't take the risks that can aggregate into a major situation when excellent security solutions are right at hand'.

Our experience shows that a professionally designed security system that protects your property - will act as a significant deterrent to would-be criminals.

Unfortunately, the days of being able to leave your front door open and not find an intruder has crossed the threshold are long-gone. Recent examples from Force Constabularies provide instant confirmation.

The Constabulary’s recent report of commercial and domestic properties break-ins showed that those with alarms forced the criminals to leave empty-handed. Unattended properties were identified as being more vulnerable. In a number of instances, break-ins were made by forcing down-stairs windows, back or patio doors, to gain access.

These instances occur even with all the warnings given by the Police, security advisers and qualified security system contractors and installers.

Of increasing interest to many companies are the opportunities now presented by the latest technology that enables security, lighting and heating/cooling in buildings to be integrated into a highly-sophisticated and managed system.

Thinking more widely, these integrated systems offer cost-efficiencies in terms of reduced energy-usage. With level and presence lighting also installed, in conjunction with your security system, you are able to effectively manage the complete functioning of your offices and warehouses.

Let's not forget that your premises extend beyond the office accommodation to your stores, workshops, distribution centre, and right across your yard and into your car park.

This immediately means that only professional security contractors are effectively in a position to provide you with a complete security system.

Take a look at CCTV for a moment. Protecting your premises, offices, and the external areas up to the boundaries of the property, can be effectively delivered by an HD IP CCTV system. Multiple high-resolution cameras, from leading suppliers, for example, Videcon and HK Vision, mounted around the perimeter and at key points on your buildings, will offer enhanced levels of security. With continuous recording of all the comings and goings - may be movements is a better descriptor - business owners and facilities managers will feel more at ease.

But that should not lead you into a false sense of security. Nefarious activity and break-ins are only a stone's throw away. As with the examples summarised above, your security can be breached by the simplest chink in your intruder alarm system. For that reason alone, an integrated system has to be the most-preferred solution.

Translating that into reality, a survey for the Home Office confirmed that a property with an alarm provided a deterrent rating of 84% to would-be criminals; and the presence of a CCTV camera an 82% rating.

Those without intruder and alarm systems are certainly more vulnerable and at risk. It sounds like common-sense doesn't it?

However, I speak with some business-owners who don't immediately connect with that situation; nor with the risks and exposure of their property. This all sounds counter-intuitive to me.

To take this to another stage, even properties with alarms are often unprotected when the systems remain deactivated and the property unoccupied. Can you please explain that course of action to me? Many insurance claims will be invalidated and refused, if it is found that an alarm system had not been set. Why take that risk?

Moving to new premises or expanding existing business-space provides you with an opportunity to upgrade your security system and be at least one step ahead of the criminals. All systems have a lifespan beyond which they will not provide the most effective and efficient security.

Manufacturers of the latest systems, for example, Scantronic and Menvier are keen to offer users the most modern solutions, incorporating motion detection and other specialised options.

Our team at Yee Group regularly advises clients to investigate the significant benefits of these systems. We are able to independently offer advice and recommendations as we are not tied to a particular supplier or manufacturer.

Upgrading industrial premises is a particular forte of my company. It’s an area where our expertise is held in high regard and recommended by others. The danger with security is that you cannot afford to take it lightly.

With the criminal fraternity continuing to be ever-more inventive, we advise clients to be proactive to reduce potential threats and protect their property. Unfortunately, simple precautions no-longer deliver significantly high and consistent levels of protection of your property.

It is for the reasons clearly shown here that we advise early consideration of integrated security systems. With attacks on property likely to be from experienced criminals, integrated systems provide enhanced protection.

Your staff will be amongst the first to recognise that the most-reliable systems will give them and their own property greater security; with the knock-on effect of enabling them to work more effectively, without having to look behind their backs all the time.

This more relaxed professional business environment will translate straight to your bottom-line. That's a fact which is often overlooked. However, it should be part of your commercial decision-making when deciding to upgrade your current levels of security.

My experience shows that in the majority of cases, most clients give more weight to the 'harder' reasons for upgraded security. This is often done rather than for other 'softer' factors that are equally important factors in designing an enhanced security. Protection of staff and visitors fall into that category. Our advice from Yee Group is not to overlook those reasons as they provide excellent benefits of enhanced security.

At the start of this blog, I recommended being constantly vigilant and operating the latest intruder and alarm systems. There were potent reasons for taking that approach.

I would like to conclude with one interesting case study of a national business, located in Warwickshire, which now has an enhanced security system installed. Stephen Jones, their Managing Director, was keen to point out that ‘enabling businesses and their operations to proceed daily in a safe and protected manner are critical additional advantages delivered by the latest integrated systems.

‘We need to keep our attention focussed 100% on running this business and going forward with our planned growth and development. That’s far more constructive that having to worry about our security’. 

Taking steps to improve your security with an enhanced security system, particularly one that is fully integrated, will bring many benefits. It could otherwise prove costly; and by the way, that is one important saving that you could make.


This blog has been prepared and written by Simon Chapman, MD of Yee Group Limited, and current President of Burton and District Chamber of Commerce. His award-winning electrical, security and air-conditioning group businesses have regional and national customers.