Book an entertainer to help boost your business


Summer is here, and it is time for Fetes, summer fairs, trade shows, festivals, company family days etc. So I thought I would write how booking an entertainer can be used to help and boost your business

Whether it’s a Magician, Balloon modeller, face painter or mascot etc. Any kind of entertainment is going to be a huge attraction to your stand. Vivid, visual and the sound of applause will attract and draw people to see what is going on, as we all know, when a crowd starts to gather is creates a snowball effect and more people will stop to see what is happening

At family events it is important to offer something to entertain the children; event like Sausage and Cider can be a long day for little ones. The offer of a Free balloon, a magic trick or face paint will make them feel special and cheer them up (and cheer the parents up because they don’t have to pay for it)!

An example: Last year I was Magician and Balloons for National Brewery Centre – We had a queue of children all day waiting for a balloon and to watch magic show. The parents where happy to see a great venue, events and offers the venue offer, It was such a great success they have booked me again this year.

If you'd like to chat about this and what we could do to help your business, send me a message or call on 07 97 07 45 926.