Why there has never been a better time to be a mum returning to work

Career Mums

There has never been a better time to be a mum returning to work.

The government have announced they are funding returnship programmes to recruit additional civil servants, teachers, health professionals and social workers who have previously left their professional roles.

Returnships are used to support people back to work after a break, perhaps having taken time out of employment to raise children, look after elderly or sick relatives.  These responsibilities are more commonly taken on by women and partly explains the continued gap in earnings and pensions between the genders.

Returnships are just one example of the various initiatives available to support mums back to work after having children.  In October, the Mums Enterprise Roadshow is coming to Birmingham to showcase support and advice for mums in the region wanting to start or grow their own business.  

More local support is available too.  Career-Mums Partnership, run by local mums, Sally Dhillon and Nishi Mehta, run morning Relaunch your Career workshops aimed at helping parents take the first step towards returning to work.  The workshops are held once each month during term-time in various locations.

Sally says, “Our workshops provide an affordable yet informative morning focused on building confidence and planning a successful return to work that suits you and also works for your family.  We’ve met so many mums who have settled for the first job that’s come along to fit around school hours, without taking the time to properly consider all their options or their previous career ambitions.”     

The Government Minister for Women, Anne Milton, says “there are still problems for women who want to progress or return to their careers after they have a family. We need to reduce the barrier holding back so many talented and ambitious women across the country. Ultimately, this is about women reaching their potential, having real choice about how they live, and building a smarter and stronger economy, using the skills and talents we have.”

There has never been a better time to be a mum returning to work.  Employers are recognising the benefits of employing experienced workers whilst the start-up costs of running your own business have never been so low.

Visit www.career-mums.co.uk for further details of the Career-Mums’ Relaunch your Career workshops taking place in Solihull.