Pension Reforms - How do they affect you?

Gemini Professional Financial Group

There is no getting away from it pensions are a hot topic.

You will have seen in the press that the rules regarding pensions have changed.

Do you know how these changes affect you?

If you have an existing pension and are considering your options, are you positioning yourself to take advantage of all the recent changes?

You now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the most of your pension planning.

As someone who may want to consider or plan their retirement options, we would like to offer you a place at our Complimentary Pensions Briefing event taking place at Sutton Coldfield Golf Club, Thornhill Road, Sutton Coldfield, B74 3ER on Saturday 25 November 2017 from 10:00 am - 12:00pm.

The event allows you the opportunity to invest a short amount of your time and receive information on:

» What exactly are the changes to Pensions?

» What you must do NOW because of those changes?

» What happens to your pension on death?

» How to utilise your pension as an active investment?

We know that financial planning can be boring, but this is not the time to put your head in the sand.

We will ensure that the briefing is not just enjoyable, but informative too.

You will then be in a position to consider any relevant changes to your arrangements.

The event promises to be a relaxed occasion and we would be delighted to welcome you as our guest.

If you know anyone that you feel would benefit from attending, please feel free to extend this invitation to them.

To reserve your place(s) either call FREE on 0800 255 0123 or e-mail