The real reason you should never stop learning

Millennium Cargo Services Ltd

Earlier this year I had the great pleasure of meeting two incredible people, Sir Clive Woodward and Debra Searle.

Both hugely successful in their own right, with some of the most inspiring stories and invaluable advice. I took two whole days out of my schedule to go and hear them speak.

Now, if you know me then you’ll know that I’m a very busy man. My time is precious and I use it very carefully.

So why would I spend two days sitting in a conference, listening to a former rugby union coach and a woman who solo-sailed across the Atlantic, when I’m in the cargo industry? Am I taking up rugby? Perhaps I’m planning a solo-sailing expedition?

Nope. You see, I’m a big believer in self-development. If you want to succeed in business or in life, you have to be prepared to change and to grow.

Over the years, I’ve regularly dedicated some of my time to working on me, learning new things, developing my skills, and honing my mindset and attitude.

Without a doubt, this is the single biggest factor responsible for my success and for Millennium being where it is today.

I believe that in business (and in all aspects of life) you’re either growing or you’re dying.

You have to be constantly pushing and reaching for that next bit of progress, that next level, or you’ll stagnate and eventually start sliding backwards.

This is true whether you’re a business owner or an employee, in both your career and your personal life.

You have to keep learning, growing and pushing forward.

So how can you do this? You don’t have to go to events like I do, just start reading 10 pages of a business or personal development book each day.

Don’t like to read? No problem. Grab your headphones and get on Audible. I’ve added a little of my top 3 must reads below to help you get started.

By reading books, listening to podcasts, attending courses, going to these events, and listening to people’s stories I’m not only inspired, but I learn invaluable lessons that I can apply to my business too. Self-development really is for everyone.

In fact, here at Millennium it plays such an important role in our success that we even get our team involved too.

By investing in my staff and supporting them in their own personal development, my team grows stronger and my business becomes more successful because of it. You can make your business, career, or life more successful too.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab a book and start reading!

Chadd’s Top 3 Must Reads

1: The Insight Out Revolution – Michael Neill
2: Illusions, The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah – Richard Bach
3: The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur – Mike Michalowicz