General Data Protection Regulation – are you ready?

FBC Manby Bowdler

FBC Manby Bowdler is joining forces with data and IT specialists in a bid to help the region's businesses prepare for new rules on how they protect customer information.

The firm has developed a guide for businesses on the General Data Protection Regulation set to come into force across Europe in May 2018 and is now working with iSecured (Information Security & Data Protection) and CSCM (IT Solutions) to provide a business owner or director all the information they need about GDPR.

A YouGov survey recently revealed that the majority of UK businesses are not adequately prepared for GDPR with 71% of UK businesses unaware of the fines which can be imposed for non-compliance.

We want to develop a package of support for businesses preparing for the upcoming data protection law which will reform existing cyber-security practices.

The UK may be leaving the EU but because the GDPR comes into force before Brexit is effective, they will still apply even after we’ve left. Working with iSecured and CSCM, we can guide businesses through what is required and ensure businesses meet the new regulations before they come into force, giving business owners peace of mind.

In addition, we will have launched a survey to discover how prepared businesses in Shropshire and the West Midlands are for the forthcoming changes and launched a similar poll via the firm's Twitter feed @FBCManbyBowdler.

It is really important that not only business owners know about the changes, but that their key decision makers and those who are directly responsible for the collation and management of data are aware as well.

Businesses need to have a record of the kind of data they hold, where they got that data from, and who it is being shared with. One of the most important changes is in the procedure to allow access to data. It’s time for all companies to take cyber security seriously, especially when it comes to personal details of customers and clients.

Businesses can request a free GDPR guide, created by our Corporate department, just email:

If you need more information, feel free to contact me on 01902 702 025 or