Monopoly or globalisation?

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Monopoly or Globalisation?

What is your company trying to achieve?

When you started your business or became a leader in your current company what was your main purpose and goal?

When reading Zero to One by Peter Thiel this is the key question he asks throughout the book.

As a coach this is also a question I keep on asking the executives of today.

"Are you achieving what you set out to do or is your strategy aligned to achieve the purpose you are thieving towards"?

Are you genuinely creating a monopoly company whereby the product or service you are offering is completely new and never been done before OR are you trying to capitalise on an existing service or product by making it better and reaching a larger audience, achieving globalisation.

When you work on a monopoly it can be quite lonely because you have nothing to compare against or learn from however the reward is greater as proven with the likes of Facebook, Google and Apple.

You can comfortably gain investment by borrowing against your IPO without even having to have sold anything.

Where as working on a company concept which is focused on capitalisation, it maybe easier to get the company up and running because you can focus on what your competitors are not doing and learn from your competitors mistakes like Purple Bricks verses a high street estate agents.

However entering a market whereby you will have a diluted share of it, your offering would need to be experientially different.

Once you have set up the capitalisation company your finances will need to be strong enough to support globalisation otherwise you will only have "just another company that offers the same things but packages them differently".

Thus taking some of the original market share in that countries market.

Therefore this brings me back to my original question is your company or organisation achieving what you or it set out to do?

What does your company stand for? Social Media Super Success by Sam Flynn asks "Do you have a Brandonality?"

How do people identify your company?

When working with executives this question can be the main area I focus on, using our proven Business Foundations process, enabling realignment of the main purpose or direction for the company.

Arguably this is one of the fundamental blockers to business success because if you don't know where you want your company to go how can you shape the right strategic, investment, marketing or growth plans.

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Heather Egginton
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