Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

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Diversity and inclusion is something employers are really beginning to value within their workplace.

Being a diverse candidate is all about being different. How you use your differences to your advantage is down to you.

Remember employers need you just as much as you need them, you differ from other employees and therefore you are a candidate they need on their team.

Here are eight advantages that being a diverse candidate brings which you can drive forward in job interviews and applications.

Better Customer Understanding

The UK is a multicultural nation with many ethnic mixes making up the population. British Asians are a key aspect of this mix and better representation in companies can help develop a better understanding of customer backgrounds.

By gaining a more diverse workforce the company you are applying to will be representing the needs of a wider range of customers. Therefore, providing products or services that can match the UK demographic.

Fresh Perspectives

Employees with differing ethnic backgrounds think differently, they learn to problem solve differently and will provide a different viewpoint on any situation.

With so many diverse minds working together, many more solutions to problems can be sought, providing a fresh perspective and outlook to strengthen the workforce.

Communication Skills

Many public facing and customer services jobs require face-to-face communication. Being proficient in mother-tongues, especially, South Asian languages can add huge value to these kind of roles. Especially, when dealing with queries from those with very little English skills.

An element to being a diverse candidate may be that you can use your background to organise business and supply customer service in languages commonly spoken within ethnic communities. This is a huge advantage to any organisation as you may be the key to promoting their services and products to a wider customer base and even new markets abroad.

Having communications skills and awareness of ethnic backgrounds has major advantages and it is important to sell these qualities at interviews.


Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and creativity are important for companies who are looking at growth, product development and service enhancement. They contribute to the longevity of an organisation.

Therefore, a homogeneous workforce where all employees are alike and all employees have similar interests will not enhance the company’s creativity or innovation.

By being a diverse candidate you can provide a wide variety of opinions and skills that will encourage innovation and creativity to ensure the company is current and keeping up with the ever-changing marketplace.

Diversity Schemes

Diversity within the workforce has many benefits for employers and adds a positive impact on their business.

With the UK government pushing for companies to enhance the diversity in their workforce, many firms will be looking at getting a better balance of ethnic and female representation within their organisations.

By meeting diversity and inclusion measurements the organisation can be saving money and avoiding any discrimination lawsuits.

Increased Productivity

Any company wishing to increase productivity can be aided by a more diverse workforce. Employees with diverse backgrounds can introduce new ideas and ways to help the organisation reach new audiences.

A diverse workforce works together towards a common goal whilst using different backgrounds that ignite proactivity. This impacts productivity positively because as a diverse workforce taps into the wealth of staff knowledge as a whole.

Learning and Growth

By increasing diversity numbers all staff will have the opportunity to learn more about different backgrounds, professions and cultures. Improving their social awareness and therefore ensuing all staff are able to satisfy a diverse customer base.


Talents retained by diverse employees such as skills and languages may bring out a positively competitive element in other staff members. Increasing and encouraging all employees to become adaptable and to learn new skills.

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This blog post has been produced in support  of the GBCC’s Growth Through People campaign. The views expressed by the author are their own and do not necessarily reflect the position of the GBCC.