Build confidence using accountability to supercharge your strategy

Meta4 Business Coaching

If you’ve set your business goals for this year, the next step to achieving is keeping yourself accountable. With the 20th of January well and truly behind us (the day where 95% of people give up on their new year resolutions and goals) those who remain are left with a clear strategy of what we want for the year ahead. We also know in order to achieve we must show diligence, persistence with our efforts and possess serious levels of commitment. Overall the more you achieve against your goals the more your confidence will increase. Easier said than done, right?! Set some accountability in place and you’ll be dramatically increasing your chances of reaching your business goals.

Build a trusted network:

It’s well documented that high achievers surround themselves with other high achievers. Napoleon Hill, in Think and Grow Rich wrote about it over 75 years ago and the advice is ever more relevant today, when many business owners can stay hidden behind email and a laptop. Right now, you will be able to think of at least 2 other people in your circle of friends, colleagues, business acquaintances who you deem to be like-minded; ambitious, determined, and professionally committed. Highly productive business mastermind groups can run anywhere from 3 – 10 people, as long as you are all able to be open and honest and you have similar ambitions with the people within your group then your business mastermind will work wonders in many ways.


Getting together on a regular basis will mean sharing your goals take on a life of their own. Remember just by writing your goals down mean you’re 42%[1] more likely to achieve them. Your commitment levels will increase knowing you will be meeting again to feedback on your progress. This, of course, is all done through a system of support; knowing you have like-minded business owners who have your back when obstacles and challenges inevitably come your way. They help you through those times when otherwise you may not have the right people to turn to.

Support and Advice

When meeting with fellow business owners there is no doubt a plethora of experience, knowledge and skill set available at your disposal. Whatever challenges you are going through, someone has been through it and come out successfully. Whichever success you are aiming to achieve another business masterminder is on that same path or has achieved that particular success already and can help you. Your achievements can be shared for others’ success journeys too. The levels of motivation and inspired action can act as a feeding ground for your day, week, month ahead.

Think about creating your own group of like-minded business owners and make your business goals happen.