Get your life back and achieve business growth

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Jack of all trades

Many of the small business owners I coach have a successful business with a busy practice working with the clients they want to work with; earning the kind of money they used to dream where’s the issue?

They are working all hours, being the doer and deliverer of their service; they are trying to do the business development, as well as admin and minutiae of the business. They have become the epitome of Jack-of-all-trades, feeling like the master of none, as they know they are losing business and in a feeling of utter overwhelm.

Stop the overwhelm

Some business owners may even start by thinking I don’t have the time to space in order to focus on what I need to change. However, if you really want to stop losing business, delivering a less than adequate service and stop leaving money on the table, there are always some simple steps you can take to start analysing where you can start to get your life back.

Which tasks would you love to get rid of within your business? Leave aside and feelings of your inner control-freak, judgements about who could do it better and see what is written down on your exhaustive list. Even just by jotting down your ideas and thoughts will make you feel infinitely better. What you do with the list next is up to you.

Focus on the business you love

Why did you set up your own business? To be the mistress (or master!) of your own destiny - work independently, to only do the kind of work you really love to do or maybe to progress as much as you pleased. Is the overwhelm allowing you to be and do all you wanted?

Time to focus on the jobs you love to do in your business. Again create a full and thorough list of these tasks, include the kind of clients you especially love working with - who are they, what exactly are you delivering to them? Will passing over the jobs you would love to get rid off release more time to spend on the love-to-do tasks? What would be the investment versus income difference?

Clare is currently running a coaching offer which means you get an automatic upgrade from Breakthrough to Mastery, equating to an extra half a day, for three months, to work with your coach and other like-minded business owners on your own business development activities.