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Looking to grow your business? Answers on a postcard…

When used correctly, the humble postcard can be a great tool in your marketing arsenal.

Looking to create a marketing campaign that brings in results without breaking the bank?

Here are six key reasons why you should consider using postcard direct mail:

1) Affordable. Postcards are inexpensive to print and post. A printed and posted card can cost a lot less than the price of a stamp!

2) Highly visible. Because a postcard isn’t hidden inside an envelope, it’s immediately visible to the addressee, making the most of every opportunity to be seen – before, during and after delivery.

3) Advertising inside the home. Postcards are great for holding on to for future reference.

The average consumer focussed direct mail piece is seen by 1.3 people and will be viewed by the recipient on 7 separate occasions! An attractive or useful postcard has real staying power - a particularly creative valentine’s postcard from my local florist has been on my fridge for over a year now - invaluable advertising!

4) Customisable 121 communication. Want to direct customers from across the country to their local branch? Use your data to drive variable images, messages or calls to action. Customise the content in order to appeal to different segments of your database.

Not many forms of advertising can offer this level of targeted customisation.

5) Easily Measurable Results. Marketing activity can often be difficult to measure accurately. Whether you are using postcards to offer an in-store discount, invite people to an event or drive people to your website, measure the real impact of your campaign.

Where possible include a control group in your data and consider a method to track sales following the mailing.

6) Novelty. There’s just something nice about receiving a postcard - we have an emotional attachment which can evoke that special holiday feeling.

A beautifully printed, well designed and properly targeted postcard can be an invaluable marketing asset. If you want to learn more about how postcard marketing can help your business, get in touch.