The unexpected benefits of having a direct mail partner

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The unexpected benefits of having a direct mail specialist A client recently said to me: “Thank you for making us look good”.

This particular instance was thanks to a member of staff noticing a typo in a piece of mail which was about to be sent to 6000 people.

The typo was the client’s error, but the value our staff have in their work made it our problem to address.

This is one of the many unexpected advantages to using an experienced direct mail house, from simple mailouts to complex hand packed white glove jobs, our staff care about what leaves our doors, whether it has our name on or not. Some other advantages that come to mind are: Bulk postage and lower costs.

The underlying question of all direct mail campaigns – how to improve the ROI? Your professional mailing house knows the complexity of sending cost-effective mail, the options aren’t just first class or second class postage.

The cost of your mail can be impacted by how efficiently your mail is sorted, its size, weight and even the space in which the address is printed.

Mailing houses can offer discounted rates for UK and international direct mail, packets, parcels, postcards and so on. 

Not only do mailing houses save money on mailing through bulk postage, but by purchasing envelopes, paper and ink in bulk to create savings which are passed on to clients. Make better use of your time Printing and packing direct mail yourself is time consuming.

A good direct mail house can print, pack and send thousands of items per day.

Outsourcing will save you and your staff valuable hours. Achieve more accurate results Keeping clean data is essential practice for a mailing house. Sending mail to an incorrect mailing list is costly and ineffective.

Take advantage of the most up to date data with your mailing house and a free of charge data quality audit with expert recommendations on data cleansing.

If you are looking for advice on improving your direct mailing campaign, you’re at the right place in a mailing house.

Industry experts will be able to provide you with helpful hints and tips which they have picked up over the years across multiple campaigns.

Specialist agencies can often provide advice free of charge at meetings, which can help avoid unnecessary extra printing and postage charges. Talk post to us.