Don’t ignore debt problems – get professional advice today!

Sydney Mitchell Solicitors

Ignoring debt problems is simply not an option and a delay in seeking professional advice can have disastrous consequences.

In one case that proved the point, a man was made bankrupt having lost the opportunity to challenge a demand for payment of more than £11,000 in Council Tax arrears.

The man denied that he owed the debt on the basis that he had been abroad and not in occupation of the relevant property for much of the period to which the tax bills related.

He denied having received letters from the local authority and all knowledge of liability orders that had been made against him by magistrates.

He was in due course served with a statutory demand but, rather than seeking professional help, he did nothing for about three months as the council set bankruptcy proceedings in train.

He ended up representing himself before a judge and was declared bankrupt after being refused an adjournment.

In dismissing his appeal against that decision, the High Court rejected arguments that the judge should have delayed the case so that he could challenge the liability orders before the Valuation Tribunal.

Given his prolonged inactivity, the judge was entitled to conclude that he had no bona fide intention to make such a challenge.

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