Omni-Channel Marketing - What does it mean and how can it help your business?

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As an integrated marketing agency, we often get asked if we can create a specific marketing tool for clients; perhaps it could be a new brochure for a trade show or some additions to a website.

And we are, of course, more than happy to carry out these projects as our clients require.

But often these projects will prompt the question - is there a wider issue that needs to be addressed?

The untrained eye may look at marketing material as separate entities, each serving a specific purpose but not tying in with the bigger marketing picture.

It isn’t until we explain our holistic approach that it becomes clear: an ‘Omni-Channel’ marketing approach is much better for businesses.

An Omni-Channel Marketing strategy encourages the use of a consistent message deployed across all platforms.

This approach focuses on the creation of an overall strategy, based on business objectives.

These objectives allow us to develop appropriate branding, marketing messages and outline which channels should be used for delivery.

These may be online digital marketing, website development, telesales or in a brick and mortar store.

It may seem obvious to some that this approach is the most logical and productive one, but it is a point which can easily get lost by businesses along the way.

It can often be the case that different teams take care of the various areas of activity, which can lead to a certain amount of fragmentation within the marketing and ultimately reduce effectiveness.

If, for example, an external company is managing the website and an internal team is controlling the social media, it can be difficult to ensure that campaigns are ‘joined-up’, and as effective as they should be.


So what are your objectives? Who is your audience? Answering these questions will help to review or develop your branding and overall message, and assist in giving your audience a specifically devised impression, from the very first point of contact.

This should be considered in all areas; regardless of whether your customers are visiting your website, seeing a brochure or speaking to you by telephone. They should easily be able to appreciate the nature of your business, its qualities and your unique proposition to them.

But creating this specific, targeted message across all platforms doesn’t happen overnight. It is not something that can be developed without careful thought and consideration.

It needs to reach every corner of the business so that regardless of the buying pathway your customer chooses to take, you know that they are exposed to the carefully devised message that has been chosen.

The process of understanding, refining and reflecting the key messages about your business can transform the way in which customers react to you, transform you success and often positively transform the way that your staff regard the company they are working for.

At Nexus Creative, we understand the steps it takes to achieve and maintain an Omni-Channel Marketing strategy and to deliver growth and success.

However, our 21 years in business have taught us that every business is different and requires a bespoke approach.

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Thanks for reading!

Abi - Assistant Account Manager @ Nexus Creative

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