Pets change lives...we change theirs

Blue Cross

Open for over thirty years, Blue Cross Bromsgrove has during that time re-homed thousands of cats, dogs and small animals.

Whether we’re helping a stray bitch due to have her puppies any day, or an older cat looking for a new home through no fault of their own, our dedicated team of staff and volunteers are always on hand to ensure our pets are healthy and find happy homes.

To fund the work we do, we rely on the donations we receive from our supporters; this could be anything from a small donation given when visiting a centre or monthly sponsorship of one of our amazing pets, through to our organised fundraising events or a grant received from a charitable trust. *

Did you know that it can cost us up to £622 to care for a dog before it finds a happy home?

This can include neutering, dental and veterinary treatment, vaccines, flea and worming treating, behaviour work, food and shelter, yet we ask for a rehoming fee of only £160.

We are constantly reviewing the way we work to ensure that the money we work so hard to raise is used in the most effective way possible.

This has included developing our Home Direct scheme, which allows us to rehome pets without them having to stay in the centre, therefore reducing costs.

However it costs roughly in the region of £500,000 a year to run the Bromsgrove rehoming centre and you can help. Many companies now have a Corporate Responsibility Policy.

This can vary from business to business and will usually cover matters such as environmental impact however many include the desire to support local charities whether through volunteering or fundraising.

Whether you are a small local business or an international company with a local office, we are looking at ways in which we can work together for mutual benefit.

It may be you are interested in sponsoring one of our local fundraising events; for a small charge we can promote your business through logo placement and social media.

You might be looking for a charity to support and our Community Fundraiser can support you with this, working together on ways to promote both parties and raise funds.

We also have a central corporate team that can take larger corporate relationships to the next level.

You can be assured that every penny raised locally goes to Bromsgrove rehoming centre, and means that we can help more pets like Kaiser.

Brought into Bromsgrove after his owner fell ill, this was his second stay with Blue Cross and he was a worried and under confident boy.

Our staff and behaviour team put a programme together for Kaiser to help him develop and the fun, playful side soon came out.

It wasn't long before just the right person came forward for Kaiser and he's now enjoying a new life by the seaside.

To find out more, get in touch with our Community Fundraiser, Tina Burdett on 07464 496250 or email