How to make the most of Brexit and future-proof your business

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Brexit presents a shifting landscape for many UK businesses.

Negotiations are only just underway. The picture is still unclear.

The deals are being hashed out and businesses don't fully understand the outcomes yet.

Uncertainty over Brexit has preyed on consumer and corporate confidence, causing massive fluctuations in the financial markets and sending many into a spin about the implications for UK business.

Having worked with SME's for over 20 years, and previously at European board director level for international clients, one thing I can say for certain is that, regardless of the external landscape, Digital Marketing is a steadfast way for companies to access the growth opportunities that will help them make the most of Brexit and future-proof their businesses from any uncertainty.

UK Businesses Have a Huge Opportunity To Get Leads Online The UK is a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Many companies will already be using Digital Marketing to grow their businesses.

Some may be dabbling and some may not be using it at all.

Even today, it's surprising just how many aren't. More often than not in the SME's we work with (predominantly manufacturers), businesses fall into the latter two camps: dabbling or not doing anything at all.

But, at every stage, UK businesses, regardless of industry, have a huge opportunity to harness the power of Digital Marketing to generate leads online and drive more sales.

It is truly a great way to negate any potential negative impact of Brexit.

When it comes to valuing Digital Marketing, UK businesses need a change in attitude.

Digital Marketing provides a solid foundation on which to grow your business.

It works so well because it can be measured.

The intangible fluff it's often misinterpreted as is far from the truth and detracts from its real power. Think of it this way.

Businesses who invest in Digital Marketing are effectively buying relevant website visitors.

Marketing is therefore a cost of sale, like buying materials, rather than a fixed budget. Agencies, therefore, need to work closely with the business, not just 'deliver a campaign'.

The "pretty" bits of Digital Marketing have a place. Absolutely.

But any Digital Agency worth their salt knows that online marketing is about finding what works through practical testing and measuring.

Only by analysing the data can you discover what's working best.

This is business 101 stuff, but somehow the practical application of Digital Marketing often manages to get lost in the hype.

Any marketing should be integral to delivering growth to a business. And the capability of it to do that should be measured.

Digital Marketing is no different.

Previously, marketing has been tricky to track and measure.

But, sophisticated measuring tools and access to data means Digital Marketing removes ambiguity.

So, you can find exactly what works. It's a bit like finding a seam of coal.

When you find the seam you mine it for all it's worth, as the landscape is forever changing.

Using Digital Marketing to know what works to generate new leads, open up new sales opportunities and enhance existing ones, is what will help businesses make the most of Brexit and future-proof their bottom line.

The majority of our clients annual sales are currently increasing at the same percentage as web visitors .

A 10% increase in web traffic equates to circa 10% increase in sales.

In each case we are delivering a return on margin.

How? The initial benchmark we work off is delivering £4 in margin for every £1 in cost.

We also:

1. Make sure your website reflects your business - most don't.

2. Drive visitors to your best products/margin as a test.

3. Measure results - most SME's don't.

4. Test, measure and repeat.

5. Deliver margin. Our tried and tested magic formula of Local SEO, Remarketing & Google Adwords is helping many businesses in the region to grow and secure their position in the marketplace by delivering profitable ROI.

By using Digital Marketing, these companies put themselves in a strong position.

And it's one that means they are best placed to future-proof themselves from any of the Brexit bluster.

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Certain businesses are eligible for EU Funding.

For example, AIM Internet will deliver a £5k Digital Marketing campaign for just £3.6k with EU funding.*

*Subject to status and grant rules.