The world is flat and China is not too far

Hi China Ltd

As a member of the GBCC, our goal is to build a safe and efficient trading bridge between UK and China.

Hi China is an exclusive agent (UK branch office) of Yiwu Commodity Mall “YCM”, the world’s largest trading market for import and export and we have been helping UK businesses to take advantage of the services and facilities of YCM.

YCM is also one of the first starting points of the belt and road initiative, freight railway lines have been built to connect Yiwu to different countries such as Netherlands, Spain and Poland.

Since the Yiwu-London railway line route is opened on the 1st of Jan this year, trade has significantly increased and strengthened between China and the UK, more business opportunities have opened up to both countries.

Hi China Ltd provides business consultancy, business trips to YCM and Canton Fair, dispute resolution and more.

We welcome anyone who is interested to receive free trading advice or to learn more about YCM and Chinese culture to get in touch with us. Hi China Ltd Phone:07449067168 Email: