What do you do on your way to work?

Newman University

Many people are faced with a daily commute to work that can become monotonous over time.

Car journeys to work are often filled with thoughts of to-do lists for the day ahead or any other of life’s worries, and is usually not the most productive part of your day.

That is, unless you are Music Tutor and Choir Director Derek Wroughton.

Derek, who works at Newman University, drives to the Bartley Green campus from his home in Solihull and uses his time wisely.

Recently on a morning commute Derek created a piece of music which has now been used for the university’s telephone system ‘on hold’ music.

Derek explained he was listening to the radio when he must have picked up on a particular syncopation, a polyrhythm or cross rhythm and when he arrived at the university he went straight to his piano and began working on the piece.

Derek then ‘put pen to paper’ and began writing the piece in Sibelius software, inputting the notes to form his masterpiece.

The software allows Derek to choose the instruments he wishes the music to be played on, giving him access to a full orchestra at just the touch of a button.

The finished result can then be shared as an mp3 file. Derek’s piece of music impressed those at Newman University so much so that it was suggested it would be used as the telephone ‘on hold’ music for the university.

Now those calling the university can enjoy a great piece of music composed by a local person and different to every other piece of hold music you may hear.

Derek is also currently busy working on the annual Cathedral’s Group of Universities Choirs Festival which is due to take place next year at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall.

The festival will see Newman University’s own choir perform alongside the country’s other cathedral university choirs.

The festival is designed to bring together staff and students from the Cathedrals Group to share their passion for choral music and appreciate each other’s talents.