Five top tips on how to improve employee performance

JR-HR Solutions

Jackie Richards, owner and HR consultant at JR-HR Solutions, offers five top tips on improving the performances of employees.

1. Use a performance management system – it can be as simple as quarterly review meetings and an overall annual review, but will ensure that you monitor employee performance regularly and consistently.

2. Give praise where praise is due – to keep the impetus going!

3. Deal with performance issues as they arise – don’t save them up for a meeting you can finally get around to, when they have been repeating the same error many times, which means that by then the problem may have escalated!

4. Look at why they’re not performing – it could be that they don’t understand what’s expected of them or need more training. If you have these conversations early on, you can fill the gaps in their experience and knowledge and gain their continuing commitment to improving their performance.

5. Be consistent – if you have disciplined one employee for making 5 serious mistakes in a few months, you need to discipline others who do likewise. This is a very simple example, but it could negatively affect morale and hence, productivity and you need to ensure you are not open to claims of discrimination.

If you would like help with improving your employees performance, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.