How to rebrand and refresh your small business

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Why it’s important for small businesses to keep your branding fresh...

A few small business owners fail to think about their business as a brand, and that brand being a reflection of their and their business personality, core values and customer experiences.

My knowledge and experience has developed massively since the start of my business – I’m not who I was in 2007 and of course my business has evolved as a result; my brand no longer reflects the experiences my clients have and the exceptional results they achieve.

The courses I’ve attended and money I’ve invested in myself and my business has meant that my values have now developed into: leadership, balance and results.

So, having celebrated 10 years in business back in July 2017, I accepted the *ahem* nudges from a valued graphic design contact, Kate, Curry Design Studio that my business was overdue a brand refresh.

After all, the only constant is change… Even with 10 years experience of running a small business, a core network of trusted small business professionals and the resources to invest, I was still filled with apprehension, nervousness and a huge leap outside of my comfort zone; however having the right team around me has been key to the success of my relaunch…

Where to start with a new or brand refresh Get clarity around what your customer or client experiences are when they choose to work with you and how do you want your ideal client to feel when they interact with your brand?

We buy according to our emotions, how do I feel now and how do I want to feel when I’ve got this product or service. It’s as simple as that really.

How my brand looks and feels now From outdated, broad and confusing to bold, sharp and intriguing – The Power of Business Coaching feels truly reflective of the ambitious small business owners my small business is working with helping small businesses to reduce effort and simplify and building motivation to achieve financial freedom.

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