Offer me a cuppa and take away some of my loneliness

Forward Carers

Have you checked in with your colleagues this month and asked if they are okay?

Have you thought about why maybe a colleague is not attending the annual Christmas office get together or after work jollies?

Maybe they are going home to care for someone who cannot do without their help.

Looking after a loved one can be very isolating and this isolation is entrenched further at work with no or very little understating from colleagues or managers.

Carers UK (2016) identified that 38% of employee respondents who balance care and work are uncomfortable discussing their caring duties in the workplace, and 35% feel that their employer does not understand their caring role.

Although Christmas time is often linked with the elderly feeling lonely and isolated it is very rarely liked with those who are caring.

Caring never stops, its 365 days a year and for some Christmas is no special time as it is just another day of the year.

But Carers need a break too.

Caring can take over your whole life and if your workplace does not understand then Carers can feel as if they are invisible.

Caring is one of the most important things that we do and there is no or little help for Carers to have a life outside of caring.

If as a workplace or colleague you are unsure how to help, here are a few of things you can do.

• Take a look on the internet for local help

• If they are in Birmingham put them in touch with Birmingham Carers Hub 0333 006 9711

• Ask them what they need

• In the workplace, we can start a conversation by talking about caring issues with colleagues and promoting carer-friendly policies 8 in 10 people caring for loved ones “have felt lonely or socially isolated” Cares Uk

Do you Care?

Working together can reduce the loneliness or isolation Carers feel in communities where we have far more in common than that what divides us.

By just providing a listening ear and cuppa can give carers the break they need to just be able to talk or sit in solitude.

Set an example to all workplaces across the UK and be an accredited care friendly employer.

Forward Carers works with businesses to offer the Working for Carers accreditation scheme including downloadable 'carer-aware' resources, online training, staff discounts and much more.

Our Working for Carer scheme is not just for your employees, it is good for business. Research shows that supporting staff to effectively juggle their home and work life, and continue in employment holds valuable benefits for business, including:

• Staff Retention

• Reduce Absence

• increased productivity

• Improved Morale

Signing up for Working for Carers allows businesses to care for their whole workforce, extend employee benefits programmes at low cost...and ultimately demonstrate great social corporate responsibility!

If you care - Join our network of accredited carer friendly employers and enjoy exclusive perks for your organisation, ultimately demonstrating yourselves as a corporately responsible employer.

We would like to invite you along to our event at the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce on 29th Jan from 9.30-12 with a whole host of guest speakers and more information. Please follow the link here to book your FREE ticket.