7 ways to keep your business safe and secure

TLG Management

Birmingham is the largest and most populated city in the UK outside of London with over 1.1 million inhabitants as of 2014, with the wider metropolitan area stretching to a total population of 3.8 million.

Between 2015 and 2016 there has been 55, 159 Anti-social crimes, 17, 387 Burglaries, 5, 514 Robberies and 14, 957 Shop-lifting crimes reported.

Crime in Birmingham is an ongoing problem, however we started our company to help people get that safe and secure peace of mind.

So here’s a few tips to keep your property safe.

Risk assessment – First and foremost if you want to improve your security, you will have to identify any weak points there may be in your property or business.

Consult with staff or peers and note down things that could be improved and research crime rate statistics in your area to give yourself an understanding of what issues may occur.

Always refresh your risk assessment every 6 months or when you have any changes that may affect your security.

Secure the perimeter – If a burglar sees that your property or business is well guarded, it may deter them from attempting to enter. Fencing, bright security lights, deterrent warning signs, visible alarm systems, secure car park or even a static security guard.

CCTV – This is a mist have for anyone looking to protect their property. Not only will it deter people from attempting to brake-in, but if they do you will have evidence to help identify and prosecute the culprit.

Know your staff and visitors – Make sure you have a sign in system for people entering your premises.

Do full background checks on all staff and employees. Change codes to doors and alarms regularly and make sure only certified people have them. Don’t have too many staff who have access to keys and codes.

For peace of mind there are key holding services where you can get your premises opened up & locked every day.

Safeguard important equipment – Laptops, tablets and devices can easily be stolen if they are left lying around so it’s best to keep them in a secure location and have an equipment sign in & out system so you know exactly who’s took what out and where.

If necessary fit your electronic devices with alarms, anti-tamper equipment, security cables and make a record of serial numbers.

Protect yourself in the digital world – Cybercrime is on the rise and businesses and individuals need to ensure their computers and systems are well protected.

Invest in high quality antivirus and firewall technology, use very strong passwords and regularly back up all devices so you can recover files if anything was to happen Last but not least…

Exposure and advertising – The more exposed your property or business is the less likely you will be targeted.

Make it known that you have CCTV, alarms systems, security guards, etc. by having lots of signs up, lights on, deterrents, security on site, mobile patrols, etc.

Make it very clear that you have lots of security measures in place and always be prepared for the worst!

What do you think is the biggest threat to your property or business and how will you combat it? Have a think with peers, staff and colleges and do your own risk assessment!

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