Coaching and computers is there any commonality?

The Real Executive Coaching Co.

Well parts of the brain are computers…

Storing automatic functions which are learnt behaviours, learnt beliefs, and automatic programmes (things you automatically do without thinking – like driving).

Then you have the human side of your brain, made up of facts and truths, which is your purpose and a meaning.

Leading you to achievement and satisfaction (Well-being)..

The third part is the chimp aspect of your brain, always trying to survive.

The chimp keeps trying to hijack your machine, hacking into your human brain and your computer…

The Chimp is the emotional side of your brain..

If you have read the Chimp paradox by Dr Stephen Peters then you will know where I am going with this…

Essentially when you work with a business coach we help you understand how to manage your chimp effectively, allowing you to continue learning more about yourself and the world around you, removing emotional reactions which in turn will aid you to nourish the human side of your brain.

Allowing you to truly understand your purpose and meaning in life.

Like with a computer you can programme them to work how you want them too and therefore a coach can aid you to re-programme the computer side of your brain.

Helping you store more useful facts and realistic truths about yourself instead of letting your chimp take over.

Business coaches are the people developers that aid you to understand your emotions, behaviours and overall mindset.

This sets you up for success and stops any cyber-attacks (other people’s opinions) from sabotaging your correct path.

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