Essential tips to deliver an engaging and winning presentation

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In Many tender projects once you have been shortlisted at the tender stage you will be invited to attend an interview or a presentation.

This not only gives the buyer a chance to meet you as a potential supplier.

Sales Presentations also give the buyer the opportunity to talk to you directly about how you will be able to realistically deliver the contract.

Another major benefit to a buyer is the opportunity to meet the people who will ultimately be delivering the service they require.

In most cases you will be given an agenda and set guidelines to enable to you base and prepare your presentation.

This will, on paper give you the opportunity to structure your presentation and answer any questions the buyer may have.

However, because this is a face to face meeting and not a tender exercise how do you prepare yourself for any unexpected questions?

To most people the thought of presenting infront of an audience fills them with dread.

The technical fear of not only working through a prepared PowerPoint Presentation and stopping mid presentation to answer unexpected questions and then picking back up where they left off makes presenters go completely blank, with visions of a ‘Dragons Den’ type scenario.

This is obviously in most presentations is not the case and you as a supplier could use the opportunity to present your business to the buyer as a huge advantage.

By being selected to present you have been given the unique opportunity to meet the buyer and give a personal touch to the services you provide.

By understanding the requirements of the buyer and understanding their needs as a business you should be able to deliver a clear and transparent presentation based on your understanding of what the buyer is looking for.

If you plan, structure and practise your presentation you should be able to project the passion you have for your business in a way that you cannot do in a written tender situation. Ultimately making your business effectively stand out ahead of the competition.

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