Utopia – A place to create your business?

Meta4 Business Coaching Ltd

Whilst perfection is something I stopped seeking a long time ago (it serves no purpose other than to create stress and failure – after all what is perfect?)

I did, however, love the idea of creating a coaching environment in Utopia.

“An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect."

A place where an idea, product or passion could be brought to life with a helping hand.

Providing everything a business needs to lay a foundation and start to grow.

Creating a business that will stand out from the competition and lead the pack.

Why… Having been in business for over ten years, the start up years were tough and it was only when I started investing in myself; working with a business coach and having an amazing team around me that I started to really reap the success I wanted and knew I was worth.

So, with this as my inspiration I have created a coaching program for business owners who not only want monthly support, guidance and accountability, but for those business owners who desire to work with a successfully proven team.

Surrounded by experts, we will create a business that shines, surpasses and one that can be proudly put in the spotlight to reap outstanding results from the get go.

“Clare has great insight, drive and passion to help you achieve your goals – she asks tough questions that bring about clarity along with a list of tasks and challenges to get you to the next step on your business journey” - Raj Johal, Owner at Lanterns

Is this you? Some business owners take months/years to decide to work with a business coach.

Before that point they will have spent valuable time working with a website that doesn’t connect with their target audience, has a poor user journey and doesn’t capture anyone’s interest – constantly tweaking or overhauling along the way.

Some business owners feel embarrassed to refer customers to their marketing as they haven’t invested properly in branding, only to find it doesn’t ‘speak’ to the customers they are trying to attract anyway.

Working with a disjointed branding approach across social media channels delivering an unclear, confusing and unprofessional first impression…

Kate of Curry Design Studio says: “Branding is a vital investment for any business. It should be designed to communicate your business values clearly and effectively, directly to your target audience. A strong brand will raise your profile and set you apart from your competitors, generating interest, enquiries and sales.”

Precious time and resources will have been spent putting together inferior customer facing materials when the time could have been better redistributed, spending time more productively on their real passion and area of expertise, i.e. the reasons you went into business in the first place; sharing the services you love to deliver to your clients.

Web designer, Darren, takes away all of the pain that goes with designing, creating and making live a client attractive website and delivers a professional website package that is tailored, without the hard work.

Click here to find out more about Utopia+. How can you resist?