You should upgrade to a hosted system! Here's Why.......

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Have you heard that your standard ISDN lines will be switched off as of 2025? So why not get ahead of the game and upgrade with one of our hosted systems?

What are the benefits of a hosted phone system?

1. The cost - There's no ongoing maintenance charges like with traditional PBX systems, and there's minimal installation costs. And because you don't need multiple phone lines for hosted telephony, monthly rental costs will be cheaper (or free!) too.

2. Security - With hosted telephony your supplier is in charge of (and responsible for) your system's security. That means it’s probably safer than it would be in your own hands, on your site. Disaster recovery plans and physical security in your provider's data centre will ensure that your hosted PBX is totally protected.

3. Extra features and increased productivity - Depending on the model you choose, hosted systems bring added features, such as connecting staff across different sites, at home, or even on the move.

The only thing that makes this better is that all internal calls made on your hosted system are usually free (supplier-depending)!

Improving productivity in your business doesn’t stop there; your staff now have the freedom to work from wherever they are - this is remote working in the digital age!

With certain hosted phone systems like our Mitel solution, staff can answer incoming calls using the same number (extension) as they would in the office, so you can potentially employ staff without the need to accommodate them in a physical work space.

4. Flexibility - (Mobile twinning) - If you’re just about to leave the office and you get a last minute call, there’s no need to stay at work late and hit the traffic.

Thanks to mobile twinning you can transfer a current call from your desk phone to your mobile.

And if you were to head back to the office again, you can put a current mobile call back through to your desk phone.

(Never miss a call) - Like traditional PBX systems, there's a whole host of setups possible with hosted solutions, to make sure you never miss a single call.

That could be allocating a single phone number to be used across multiple handsets.

(including mobiles), setting up call groups, diversions or redirects for example. Whatever you need, your hosted phones can probably do it. #

And your business will look far more professional when you pick the phone up every single time it rings.

(Self control) - Thanks to features like e Portals you can stay in control 24/7.

All you need is an internet connection, and you can control your hosted system from wherever you are, whenever you need to.

Flexibility is a major advantage that hosted systems have over traditional business telephony.

There are many more features to these systems and you can really work them to fit around your business needs, so save money, work smarter and get in touch with us today for a no obligation meeting or email us for a quote!

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