Exposed; the real way to build a successful team

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Choosing the right people to work with "Employees want to feel inspired by their leaders...hire individuals who will lead by example."

 Jody Kohner, VP of Employee Marketing & Engagement, Salesforce

When it comes to growing your successful small business many business owners can be terrified (OK, maybe too strong a word!) of employing.

Being responsible for staff and extra team members and all that goes with that; holiday pay, sick leave, notwithstanding all the extra emotional baggage and what can come with working closely with others.

It’s no wonder that some business owners prefer to go it alone and therefore stay small.

Do it right and your business could be offering a whole new value added service and take the right kind of tasks off your to do list.

Focus on soft skills

Plan out what soft skills you’re looking for rather than developing a more formal, qualifications type list job specification.

The former will help to hone the kind of attributes you are looking for in your potential new team member.

So, rather than ‘able to use *specific software*,’ instead try ‘have an aptitude for learning’ or ‘enthusiastic about working towards efficiency.’

For each item of essential skill you are wanting to cover think about the alternate soft skill.

One of my recent business coaching clients went with this latter approach and has just employed his most successful team member yet; someone who is adding real value to his customer experience and is showing a real flair for ideas and is generally not afraid to get involved in any aspect of the business.

Provide a clear remit

It is often easier to get into a culture of blame in an office environment.

I’m sure in our past lives we’ve all worked in those types of offices.

From the outset, get clear on what tasks you want your new team member to complete.

Create a monthly list of ‘Must Always Complete’ and break this down week by week.

Do this alongside of setting expectations on when you want it, and where you want to see the information /completed work.

Make sure that the correct training has been provided and the task and results have been understood.

Then, step back and leave the how up them. Giving the team member the autonomy to complete and the trust will more likely fill them with pride and desire to do a good job.

Regular team meetings

The holy grail of successful team management!

In order to achieve inspire ideas, motivate, cultivate innovation, share knowledge, plans and information. Regular team meetings are integral to all of this.

This space, facilitated well, can achieve all of this in a short amount of time.

Give everybody the space to have a role within the meeting and voice their ideas, opinions, concerns and then as the business owner act upon them and you and your business will have a high staff retention and a happy, fulfilled, ambitious team eager to work hard for you and your business.