Salary sacrifice cars are the ultimate in employee convenience

Fleet Evolution

In this modern era of instant solutions, epitomized by the likes of Uber, Ocado and Amazon Prime, salary sacrifice cars are the ultimate in convenience for employees, providing a ‘company car like’ care experience, as well as offering peace of mind for employers.

That’s the view of Tamworth-based car benefits and fleet management specialist, Fleet Evolution, which says that salary sacrifice cars can provide employees with all the benefits associated with running a company car.

Fleet Evolution, which was awarded ‘Go Ultra Low Company’ status last November, contends that a salary sacrifice car scheme can provide a convenient and reliable solution to employees, as well providing employers with the assurance of regular attendance or on-time business meetings.

Analysis by Fleet Evolution reveals that 82% of employees who have taken a car through the firm’s acclaimed salary sacrifice car schemes had never run a new car before.

Typically, they were driving used cars of up to 10 years old which were more liable to suffer expensive breakdowns than new models and were far from convenient for either employees or their employers.

Fleet Evolution managing director Andrew Leech believes that a salary sacrifice car scheme can provide employees with the ultimate in convenience, as well as helping remove the stress associated with running and servicing a car.

“Consumers as a whole are demanding greater convenience as time becomes more precious, and work-life balance dominates the conversations of many corporate HR departments. Those employers that can help employees achieve the ideal balance should be able to reap huge rewards in recruitment, retention and productivity.

“In this era of offering instant solutions to daily problems, for many the car remains a relic of a bygone age and lives can be massively disrupted by anything from engine failure, to something as simple as a puncture or servicing.

“Of course, the knock-on effect when things go wrong don’t just impact on the employee, but they affect the employer and their customers as well, through late attendance, missed appointments and reduced productivity,” he said.

The key features of the Fleet Evolution salary sacrifice solution include all servicing and repair costs, road fund licence, fully comprehensive insurance, corporate discounts and no deposit.

Leech said that this provided employees who would not normally be eligible for a company car, with levels of care and service equivalent to those provided to company car drivers and a level of convenience that was akin to some of the highest levels of customer service seen today.

“At Fleet Evolution we go one step further, offering a ‘concierge’ service and a guarantee of continual mobility as we manage everything for the employee, as well as stepping in should the unexpected happen, to ensure our drivers are never without a car.

“We also remove all the stress caused by the unexpected repair, servicing or MOT bills often associated with older cars and which many employees have to go into debt to successfully resolve,” he said.

Leech added: “Car salary sacrifice schemes remain an extremely valuable benefit to employees due to their convenience, ease of use, absence of upfront payments and value for money.

“As well as the convenience and reliability factor, they also genuinely promote the uptake of less polluting, more environmentally friendly cars so that they offer employees a win-win all round.”