Employment law changes - what you need to do


1. Gender Pay Gap Reporting – if you employ more than 250 staff, it is time to finalise your first gender pay gap report, upload the results to the Government’s reporting website and publish the information on your website.

2. Changes to the Rules on Taxation of Termination Payments – make sure that all payments in lieu of notice are treated as subject to both tax and NIC.

3. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – read up on the new recommendations by The Equalities & Human Rights Commission, including approved safeguards to have in place and also remember that men can be victims too.

4. The National Living Wage and Apprentice Rates have Increased – ensure that your workers and apprentices are being paid at least the national minimum wage and keep adequate records so that you can demonstrate compliance.

5. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – finalise preparations for the new rules: only keep relevant, up-to-date information, revisit your privacy notice and be prepared for a rise in Subject Access Requests.

6. Changes to Information on Payslips – all payslips must include the number of hours an employee has worked, if their pay fluctuates due to variable hours.

7. Increases to Family-Related and Statutory Sick Pay – arrange for all staff on family-related or sick leave to be paid the new statutory rates, and review policies and documents to make sure they are up-to-date.

8. All UK Employment Contracts to Change – the Supreme Court has ruled that notice of termination takes effect when the employee actually reads it, not when it is sent by the employer; contracts will need to reflect this.

9. New Limits on Statutory Redundancy Pay – ensure that calculations for statutory redundancy payments are made in line with the new maximum amount.

10. Employment Tribunal Compensation Limits have Increased – more reason than ever to avoid Tribunals at all cost!

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