Essential guide to writing a winning award submission

Klick Business Solutions

Klick Business Solutions have won several awards over the last few years.

Winning these awards has given us great publicity and has been vital to our growth as a business.

Not only raising our profile locally and nationally, also instilling trust to our existing customers.

There is no better way to prove you are great at what you do than being recognised for it by a high profile, respected organisation such as the Chamber of Commerce or the local Business Hubs.

There are currently so many awards out there that businesses can apply for, we wanted to share with you our top tips to help you along your way when writing your award submission.

Tell the Story of your business in a Positive, Unique Way. Keep your reader engaged.

Talk about your achievements in a way that will take your reader on a journey from where you started to where you are now. Use examples of your successes.

As many examples as you can, include testimonial, images and client feedback – there is no better way to shout about your successes than a good, honest testimonial.


Sounds so easy however the amount of submissions received with missing questions is huge.

If you miss a question you will score 0 for that question. Each question will typically have a word count, USE IT!

Would you be doing your business justice by providing a short answer?

Remember that each question could potentially be judged independently and if that question is all the judge must go on have you communicated your response effectively and clearly enough?

Be honest, its easy to get carried away and let the passion for your business take over.

It is VITAL that you are honest, give good examples, use statistics and testimonials.

Take your time and proof read your submission, better still get your whole team involved and get them to proof read and provide feedback.

Every person in your team will have a unique insight on your business and why they think it is successful.

Speak to your team and use that information. We really hope you found these brief tips helpful. We treat our award submissions like our tender submissions.

They require time and skill. Winning awards for us as a business has been a real positive. As writers we can help with your award entry.

For more information on how please get in touch GOOD LUCK 😊