Why poor sanitation ruins reputation

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Today we live in a germ obsessed society-with reports from Industry Facility Management Association (IFMA) that 69% of customers say that a dirty bathroom lowers their opinion of the company.

We often over look personal hygiene of our staff unless bad practice is displayed right in front of us, and are often unaware of the harmful bacteria that surrounds us.

Hygiene is a 24/7 practice, but unfortunately we don’t all have the same hygiene standards.

Implementing better sanitation methods in your workplace can teach people what is required to help prevent the fast spread of germs and infection.

For example the norovirus stomach bug affects between 600,000 and 1 million people per year according to data from NHS.

Not only can this virus stay alive on surfaces for several days it can live on the body for between 12 to 48 hours without detection.

WHY is prevention of infection better than cure?

The DWP estimates that sickness days among the working age cost companies over 100 billion per year.

By improving workplace hygiene it is within the employers power to reduce the above figure by 13%- that is £13.7 billion or £700 per employee.

Staff shortages can lead to a decrease in productivity, bad service and a loss in takings

Customers may assume your workplace is unclean, leading them to have negative feelings towards your business in the future.

While responsible cleaning practices play a key role in keeping facilities free from contamination, satisfactory washroom fixtures must be considered as a means to promoting hygiene.

Their appearance can affect the users willingness to touch fixtures to wash and dry their hands if they feel the bathroom too soiled to use.

Good dispensers – that are sealed, lockable and wipeable can go some way by their delivery of either one shot of soap or one paper towel avoid a any risk of cross contamination.

Available quite cheaply they can enhance the look of the washroom and create an impression of hygiene.

Such is the importance placed on the standards of washroom facilities that The British Toilet Association have been working since the 1980’s acknowledging outstanding toilet facilities by awarding The Loo of the Year Awards to encourage hygiene in the workplace.

Next time you pay a visit - take a look around and see if your washroom facilities are helping maintain a healthy environment for your work force.

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