Gone in 23 Seconds: Where do you keep your valuables?

The Bank Safety Deposit Centre

In today’s changing society there is a growing need to protect your valuables, such as gold, jewellery, expensive watches and personal papers.

According to the Office for National Statistics there were 1,414,000 household burglaries and thefts in 2015 – that’s 1 every 23 seconds!

Further research by L&V insurance states that the households don’t help themselves:

  • 23% of people stash valuables in their underwear drawer with 20% in their wardrobe
  • 40% of UK homeowners have a burglar alarm, but 33% neglect to set them
  • 91% of valuables and property is never recovered

Traditionally there are 2 ways to protect your valuables from theft:

  1. Buy a safe – sometimes this can be expensive to purchase to meet insurance requirements and doesn’t always prevent premiums from going up or stopping attempted burglaries 
  1. The ultimate protection is a bank strong room or vault, but these are mainly at large branches in city and large town centres, so not always convenient to get to and many are restricted office opening hours

Now there is a 3rd option for those who want the bank level of protection and longer opening hours with the convenience of being out of town especially at weekends

The Bank Safety Deposit Centre is an independently owned company that has recently expanded to keep up with the demand, housed in the former Barclays Bank building on the Walsall Road in Great Barr, Birmingham, it is a secure facility for those who want to safely store and get access to valuables without the need for an appointment.

In order to offer the greatest protection professional security lockers from Chubbsafes, part of the global Gunnebo Group were installed.

The Chubbsafes 2000c lockers are controlled by Gunnebo’s unique box management system that requires clients to present a security card, PIN and finger print to access their valuables.  These are then further securely protected by a certified Bank Grade Vault with electronic time locks, biometric technology incorporating facial recognition and fingerprint access.

AND finally the latest sophisticated digital CCTV and alarm systems are installed – all monitored externally and linked to 24 hour rapid police response.

We researched the market and were approached by several companies, all cheaper, but we wanted the very best for our clients, so we chose Chubbsafes from Gunnebo,” says Director Kuli Malhi.