How Birmingham businesses can localise their digital marketing

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Digital marketing has a powerful, global reach, but how can you make the most out of digital channels as a local Birmingham business?

Here are 12 helpful tips on how you can localise your marketing online:

1. Google Business Listings - Get your business listed on Google, so that your business will appear in the Google Maps and Search functions. Google Business Listings include your company name, address (with map location and directions), phone number, opening hours, website, photos and other information.

This is great if your business has a physical premises because people Google local cafes, shops and more nearby or when they’re out and about. If you’re a B2B business, remember that clients will often Google your business for directions, your contact number or opening hours, so it’s still really important to have a professional business listing on Google.

2. Local Business Directories - You might want to fill out a profile on a Birmingham or Midlands business directory online. Some popular Birmingham business directories include BizMidlands, the Birmingham Post and (the Yellow Pages).

You can also consider other directory-style websites that are specific to your industry and customers, such as TripAdvisor or Made in the Midlands.

3. Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce - If you’re reading this, then you’ve already joined the GBCC, but make sure you’re fully utilising the digital marketing opportunities that the Chambers offer. This includes the online member directory, the member marketplace on the GBCC website, this blog, sponsorship and advertising opportunities, and more.

4. Localised Hashtags - Using hashtags such as #Birmingham #Brum and #Midlands, rather than industry-specific hashtags, means that your social media posts are more likely to be seen by locals who are using and following those hashtags too. You might also want to get involved with Twitter chats such as #BrumHour (every Sunday at 8pm). These Twitter “meet-ups” are a great way to virtually network and introduce your business to local people.

5. Social Media Groups and Pages - There are hundreds social media groups to choose from, from general groups such as Birmingham Business Network Facebook group and the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce LinkedIn group, to niche groups such as Birmingham Vegans and Birmingham Weddings.

Be sure to consider which groups and pages appeal most to your target customers and also have a good amount of engagement going on already.

Don’t spam the group with loads of posts about your products. Instead, use the group to engage in meaningful conversations.

6. Locations, Reviews and Check-Ins on Social Media Locations - You can set your location when you post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Make use of this function and your posts can be seen by more local people. Reviews - Facebook, like Google, has a five-star review system, where users can rate your business and leave you a glowing recommendation.

Be sure to respond to reviews and share them to give your business more authority.

Check-Ins - If your business has a physical premises, then encourage people to “check in” via Facebook.

7. Use “Birmingham” and “Midlands” in SEO - SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is more of an art than a science, so don’t start keyword stuffing. Instead, make sure that your existing web pages clearly spell out who you are, what you do and where you’re based - all in a natural, organic way. e.g. HDK Marketing is a marketing consultancy based in Sutton Coldfield.

We specialise in digital marketing for Birmingham businesses and helping SMEs grow in the Midlands.

8. Google AdWords and Social Media Ads Google AdWords - As the name implies, AdWords’ primary focus is on creating ads that are triggered when certain keywords are typed into the Google Search Bar e.g. marketing consultancy in Sutton Coldfield.

These ads appear at the top of the search results when someone types in these search terms.

You can use targeting to choose exactly who will see your add, including a parameter around a location e.g. within 10 miles of my business. This way, only local people who could be potential customers will see your ad.

Facebook Ads - Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads are great ways to reach your target audience online, even moreso if you’re a B2C company with a good Facebook following.

Facebook Ads also have great targeting options, so you can be very specific about who sees your ad, including where users live.

9. “Refer a Friend” Scheme - Who better to recommend your services to a wider circle of local people than your current customers?

Run a digital campaign to let everyone know that you have a “Refer a Friend” Scheme. Another idea could be to hold a contest on social media where entrants must share your post or tag a friend in the comments in order to be eligible to win.

10. Email Marketing - If you don’t already have an email newsletter and newsletter sign-up on your website, then set one up in order to keep interested parties up-to-date with the latest news about your business. Another option is to buy a list from a third-party list supplier.

This is a good option for B2B companies looking for named contacts within their industry or niche. However, remember that a third-party list supplier must be GDPR compliant and should be able to give you options for segmentation, including location.

11. Local Digital Media - If your business is celebrating a landmark, going through a re-brand, or organising a special event, then reach out to local digital media to ask if your story could be featured on their website.

This doesn’t just have to be newspapers or magazines with websites either – look for local pages or profiles on social media that may be interested in your story too.

12. Work with a Local Marketing Consultancy - A local marketing consultancy already has the expertise and the contacts to take your digital marketing to the next level, with a focus on the area of Birmingham or the Midlands where your target customers are based.

As proud and professional Brummies ourselves, HDK Marketing are passionate about Birmingham business, which is why we offer free marketing consultations to companies based in the Midlands.

To claim your free consultation, contact us today. We hope this article has been helpful in providing advice for getting the most out of local online marketing in Birmingham.

If you have any questions about the digital world or marketing in general, don’t hesitate to contact us at HDK Marketing.

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