Seeing the invisible - your hidden powers

Mindsways Limited

It is when you start using mystery, in business, coaching, networking, self-improvement and more, that you really begin to make a difference.

There is a deep human need for us to have our imaginations stimulated.

We have a need for us to go beyond the everyday and experience the satisfaction that we get from imagining what it would be like to possess real magical powers, to demonstrate our hidden powers.

The world is full of an infinite variety of the unexplained, the obscure, the absurd and the strange.

Our imagination delights in the idea that we have hidden powers and can pull on tremendous reserves of unsuspected strength.

Mind magic, mentalism and the mimicking of the paranormal help us to achieve this.

By mysterious thinking, I mean thinking about mysteries; about how we can solve them, why they fascinate us and what they mean to us in our lives and our businesses.

Many surveys carried out over the past 50 years have consistently shown that 75-80% of people believe in some form of the paranormal and how we all possess ‘hidden powers’.

William James said, in the late 19th century, about the paranormal - “There is always enough evidence to convince the believers and never enough to convince the skeptics”.

This is why the mysterious is fascinating: whether you take the stance of believing in hidden powers or are curious to understand why the majority of people consistently say they are real, we are naturally drawn to mystery, obscurity and the strange.

This “mysterious thinking” is what we are tapping into; the psychology behind it, demonstrating its power and harnessing it as a means of communication. A first important mindstep in creating real mystery is in creating a grey zone of speculation. This is exactly what happens when we start demonstrating abilities such as any extrasensory perception, telepathy, telekinesis, precognition or psychometry.

Even though we entertain as magicians and teach you how to demonstrate these hidden powers through the use of psychology, trickery and performance skills, there will always be the grey zone of speculation that it might just be real.

This “might just be real” is the real mystery. Not just asking ‘how is it done?’ but ‘is it real?’

This question allows us to use the mystery arts, mentalism being just one, to grab people’s attention, become more memorable and get our messages to stand out.

We add humour into this mix and create movements of imaginative freedoms which are mysterious, engaging and insightful.

We show you how to play with, and go beyond, patterned perceptions and not just accept the ordinary.

We show you how to use mystery to stand out from your competition and make a real impact on the world.

This is what Project MindFoolness has always been about.

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