Doing something different: Lock your team up, and they'll grow closer

Escape Live Ltd

Team-building exercises and away days have become increasingly popular over the years, but it’s fair to say that companies are searching for something different.

A few drinks down the pub are great for getting to know each other, but companies increasingly want to engage in activities that help to foster a creative and innovative environment.

Escape Live has been open in the Jewellery Quarter since 2015.

Its original intention was not to attract corporate clients, but offer a great social activity for family and friends.

However, the corporate market has really taken off with a whole host of businesses and organisations using Escape Live as an opportunity to hold team-bonding sessions, training or just a work social.

We have four themed experiences on-site in Birmingham (soon to be more, as we are set to more than double in size) and groups of between two and six are challenged to escape one of the rooms within the hour by solving a series of clues and conundrums. Communication is key here.

There are experiences ranging from Time Machine, in which a team must jump through different time zones, racing against the clock, through to a creepy, atmospheric, hospital-set game called Room 13.

To that end, we were delighted to welcome teams from the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce recently to take on some of our experiences recently.

There were varying degrees of success in terms of how many escaped, but the overriding feedback was that everyone had enjoyed it and could see the benefits of taking on the experiences for team-building purposes.

Charles Brant, Group Relationship Manager, told us: “It was such an enjoyable, engaging and exciting experience. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun activity or as a team-building exercise. I’d give it ten out of ten!”

And Dan Joyce, also a Group Relationship Manager, said: “Escape Live was a really fun and interactive session. Our team of four really enjoyed Room 13 and gave us some great laughs (and scares!). I would definitely recommend it for team-building!”

While Mike Small, Business Development Manager, added: “My experience of Escape Live was a thriller. We had a really enjoyable time and it was great team building. Our team managed to beat the timer with full team participation, communication and creative thinking. I would definitely come again!”

If reading any of the above has sparked your interest in trying Escape Live for corporate reasons, please go to to find out more.