Don't give up - follow the dream with passion

Domino Effect Workshops

It's when times seem like the toughest that you begin to fully understand why you do what you do for a living.

How many of you reading this have found that?

When there's too much work and not enough staff or the other way around? We get it!

There are two of us in our business and we both run other companies too. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes but we're sure you can relate to many of the most common ones:


We have a passion to help business owners nail their sales and marketing and be the best they can be on that given day knowing they will grow for everyday after that.

Remind yourselves why you started out in business.

Was it work life balance?

Did it seem like the best idea to do it for yourself than line someone else's pocket?

It's got to be at least one of those, right? No-one tells you how hard it's going to be.

The knowledge you'll need to balance the books, pay the staff, invest in new equipment.

We are so glad we joined the Chamber as a Growth Hub member because today, when it was feeling tough, our Chamber contact (you know who you are!) showed us the reality of where we are and where we could go and why we do what we do - THANK YOU!

It's easy to give advise but it's much harder to ask for it. If we can repay the favour and help with your sales and marketing approach - get in touch!