Web design and best practices

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In today's competitive online business environment, it is not only techies and developers who need to know what the best practices for building websites are.

Decision makers and management should also have an insight into web design if they are to steer their organisation's web development towards a superior online offering that potential customers will notice.

Here, we review what it means to have a responsive website, as well as how to achieve it.

Why Do You Need a Responsive Website?

Website optimisation is necessary so that an organisation’s online operation presents a professional appearance and works efficiently behind the scenes.

For a business product or service to succeed, site design and appearance are as crucial as the right brand identity and overall corporate image.

In particular, the design must be able to detect the browser type and load correctly on different hardware. At the web development stage, responsive pages incorporate this requirement by sensing the screen size and displaying accordingly.

When combined correctly, these web design best practices mean that the organisation concerned has an online presence that creates the right impression and attracts new business.

Having a website set up, configured and optimised correctly delivers clear business advantages.

What Are the Features of Responsive Websites?

Apart from being mobile friendly, pages should be trackable.

When organisations want to check their website is working as intended regarding traffic, goals, and conversions, these key analytics come into their own.

Additionally, well-configured sites attempt to convert prospective enquiries into sales transactions, almost seamlessly.

So that they can achieve such an important aim, their design enables campaign landing pages to guide or direct visitors to request demonstrations, schedule appointments or make purchases with ease.

Many and various, the features of responsive websites include tags for all relevant search terms and clear user journey paths.

Conversely, they do not contain any broken links or badly functioning pages. Few time-pressured visitors will want to click and wait – unfortunately, pages that load slowly or are difficult to read might mean that prospects go elsewhere.

In contrast, straightforward and attractive user experiences with pages that load and display quickly generally lead to a rise in sales conversions, positive outcomes and business success.

How Do I Ensure My Website Is Responsive?

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