Five Top AV tips for your next conference

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The digital landscape is changing at the speed of light, and what does that mean?

The pressure to plan and execute engaging, memorable, powerful events and conferences using thought-out AV is more significant than ever before.

If you’re hoping to plan a conference, which makes an impact on its attendees, making good use of the latest audio-visual technology is essential.

Here are our top 5 tips to utilise the latest AV tech at your next conference.


Projection gives a unique twist and a more engaging experience than a traditional conference set-up.

This goes further than just projecting content onto a screen behind a speaker – but coming up with creative ideas about how to show content in a fresh, exciting way.

The industry shift towards 4K has allowed a new range of possibilities when it comes to creating experiences.

The impressive 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution means you can create huge canvases and use your imagination when it comes to delivering content.


The unsung hero of a conference? Audio. Don’t just leave it as an afterthought.

Providing the right type of audio ensures that your guests can hear precisely what’s happening.

Plus, the emotional power of sound can give an even more engaging experience for your attendees.

Considering audio technology like array processing helps to achieve a consistent tonal balance, guaranteeing that every member of the audience has the same quality of sound.

After all, what’s an event without good sound? You could create a powerfully immersive event, but if the sound isn’t adequate, the whole thing could fall flat – so make it a priority.

LED vs PROJECTION – what’s best for you?

There’s a whole host of methods available to display content in this day and age.

As good as that is, it makes it all the more tricky to decide which is best for a specific event.

From venue size to light levels, multiple factors come into play when choosing between projection and LED.

An LED screen has higher intensity and is visible even in full sunlight.

This makes it a fantastic option if you’re holding a conference with bright natural daylight.

However, if you’re hoping to transform an ample space with your content or use effects like 3D mapping, projection will be a better choice.

It’s also possible to combine the two to create something completely unique.


You might be bored with the phrase ‘content is king’ now, but it’s still true to this day.

When organising a conference, content should be the top priority.

You could have the most incredible technical team on hand and the best AV kit possible, but if your content is rubbish, you won’t have a good result.

Keep this in mind: Content is king, delivery is queen, but for your conference to succeed, you need to perfect both.


Picking a professional, trusted, technical supplier on board at the early stages of event or conference planning is an essential step in realising and achieving your creative vision.

It’s your supplier’s job to keep up with the latest developments in technology – and by engaging with them early on, they’ll be able to advise you on what can be achieved for your budget and even inspire you with ideas you didn’t think were possible.

Why not make that supplier Sound Light & Laser FX?

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