Multi-franchise - the way forward?

MDG Architects

As the face of traditional high-street shopping is changing so can be said for automotive retailing.

Whilst car buyers aren't able to 100% buy on-line, 'click & collect' or arrange an Amazon delivery, there are seismic industry changes on the horizon.

Electric cars, driverless cars, rental not ownership, 'Pop-Up' stores and digital retailing, the list goes on and on. All of these will inevitably change how, where and why we buy cars in the future.

Presently consumers are less brand loyal and more time poor than they have ever been.

Two thirds of customers now arrive at a traditional showroom already knowing about the product, prices and promotions available.

One of the solutions to this change in consumer behaviour could be the Multi-Franchise Model.

The obvious benefit for the customer is the offer of various makes and models from several brands all under one roof.

The positives are less tangible for the manufacturer but competition isn't always a bad thing.

It can allow you to prove your model is the best in its class and selling your car from the same forecourt as your rivals will more than likely enable your sales team to pass on great incentives and savings.*

This model of car-selling works well for the Jacksons Group. Successfully tried and tested on Jersey, then Guernsey, a roll-out was extended to the Isle of Wight and Isle of Man.

We delivered two of these Multi-Franchise dealerships this summer.

Jacksons on the Isle of Man and Esplanade on the Isle of Wight.

*Jennings motor group blog