What are the consequences of poor health and safety?

Safety Advisors

Do you know what the consequences of poor health and safety could be for your business?

Do you take your responsibilities for the health an safety of your employees as seriously as you should?

If you are proactive in preventing accidents and ill health in the work place you are building a positive and respectable image for your business.

It is important that your business keeps its good name.

A good reputation will increase sales and generate more leads.

If your business comes into disrepute for such reasons as avoidable injury or accidents in the work environment, or continued employee ill health, then it can cost you more than replacing that staff member.

You could expect:

Negative public opinion
Media grilling
Lack of sales
Reduced profits
Possible prison sentence

If you experience any of these, it can take a lot of time and effort to get your business back on track.

You only have to look at the HSE Press Release page to see how seriously health and safety breaches are taken.

Sometimes it might feel like there are too many health and safety requirements to handle.

You might push back your maintenance inspection for equipment because at the time it might not seem that important, but it can have serious consequences.

A good reputation is a vital part of a business.

It can bring you more clients, improve community opinions of your business and people will be eager to work for you and join your team.

Quite simply, a poor health and safety culture will cost you your reputation.

As an employer, it is your legal responsibility to make your workplace a safe environment.

If you neglect your responsibilities, you may face high legal costs, hefty fines and even a prison sentence.

If you fail to recognise the importance of health and safety, your business may face a decrease in productivity and an increase in staff turnover as morale falls.

Why should staff be motivated to work hard if you don’t value them enough to provide them with the most basic requirements?

By respecting your health and safety responsibilities, you will keep staff motivated and retain good employees who can work productively and free from harm.

Our knowledge is your safety.

Safety Advisors