Art and wellbeing

Reuben Colley Fine Art

‘This gallery is better than chocolate!’ That was the verdict pronounced by one new visitor to Reuben Colley Fine Art a few weeks ago.

Looking at the works of art on our walls lifted her mood and flooded her with a sense of well-being.

Looking at art does you good. That is why museums and art galleries are increasingly inviting people who have various forms of stress in their lives to enjoy their collections.

At Reuben Colley Fine Art, we spend our working day surrounded by the work of talented artists, and this year we hope to welcome more Chamber members through our door.

Our exhibitions are free and you won’t be put under pressure to buy – but if you do want to begin collecting or enhance an existing collection, you may find that buying art can be more affordable than you think.

Spending time with a work of art can have a transformative effect upon our state of mind.

An expressionist work like ‘Between the Islands’ by James Byrne immerses us in the power of nature, but we can also enjoy it as an abstract study in colour, or let it stimulate memories or imagination.

Whether an artwork is beautiful, thought-provoking or downright challenging, it can pull our attention away from the stresses and anxieties of our day-to-day lives, and transport us somewhere else.