How to identify more leads with your email marketing?

popcorn Email Marketing

To be fair most people do want to Identify More Leads with your Email marketing, but if you are using your Email Marketing to Identify More Leads you are probably wasting a lot of time and effort following up on false leads.

The reason, is that an Open is recorded every time an Email is opened, so if your Email is sent out to 10 people and 1 person opens it 10 times, you will have an Open Rate of 100%, which sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it.

Although a more accurate measure would be to look at the Unique Open rates (who has opened it, rather than the number of times), as this would then show a more realistic open rate of 10%, which is better if you want to Identify More Leads Right, now that you’re looking at more realistic statistics, you should know that most of the Opens are not an expression of interest, but are created by Email Clients & mobile phones downloading previews or just being opened to delete them.

So unfortunately, it’s still not telling you anything really meaningful.

The Click rate is also coveted as a measure of success by Email Marketers, and it is a lot more meaningful, but can still be misleading, as many are often a combination of genuine interest, accidental clicks, and Spam Filters checking legitimacy.

So again not a good measure on it’s own. But there is a solution to Identify More Leads…

Back in the day, I would combine all these reports and my website analytics into a single spreadsheet to see the bigger picture, identifying behaviours, and picking out who is genuinely a lead and more importantly what they are interested in.

I would then apply a scoring system to each action and start generating qualified prospect lists that can be followed up on.

Easy… Not really, it took hours of messing around!!!

Which is why I built Popcorn, an Email Marketing Platform that cuts through the noise, and automatically tells you who your next customer is. popcorn is designed around a simple CRM which means that every action a contact ever does is stored in a timeline and scored.

So when you send an Email, you can watch your contacts become ‘Hot’ prospects in real time, seeing exactly what they have done to get there.

Then, if you want to generate more prospects, you can easily segment them based upon Opens, Clicks, Webpage visits, Tags and much more, giving you the ability to target Emails based upon engagement, rather than outdated lists, driving real measurable results and qualified leads.

To find out more about how popcorn can help you grow your sales, please visit for a free trial.