Why spending time on your web design is worth it

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For many, investing valuable time and resources into web design may seem a fruitless, unnecessary endeavour.

The below points will soon help you to see the value in investing in your web design, pinpointing exactly how your business will benefit.

You are representing your business

A website is the way your customers and clients can connect with your brand.

Essentially, your site is the face of your brand, so first impressions really do count. 76 percent of consumers research online before making a purchase.

If a consumer visits your website and finds it isn’t up to scratch, they’ll likely look elsewhere. It can lose you custom instantly and can be costly in the long run.

This is as opposed to spending a small amount of time and investment into your website design so that you can start off on the right foot and represent your business the way you want to.

You have an opportunity to portray and reflect your brand with your website; don’t miss it.

You can make sure your web design is up to scratch by asking the following questions:

• Is it visually aesthetic?

• Is it easy to navigate?

• Does it accurately represent the services you provide?

• Is it optimised for your customers?

Mobile Friendly Is A Must

Having a mobile responsive website is also essential.

Mobile usage is on the rise, and users are increasingly using phones to access business websites and find information, with a continuous increase of m-commerce sales in recent years.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you will instantly be losing out to competition.

All aspects of your website should be optimised for mobile.

This includes:

• Homepage

• Contact Information

• Chatbot services

• Purchase process

Customers can become quickly impatient and disengaged with a website that is frustrating to navigate via their phones, and with a growing percentage of sales driven by e-commerce driven in the UK, this is a huge market to lose out on, simply because you haven’t invested due consideration to your web design.

User Experience Is Important

User experience is not only necessary to initially engage with consumers.

It also helps with customer and client retention.

If you focus on a user based design and your content is engaging, interesting and relevant, you are more likely to see customers come back.

If they find the process painless and helpful through services such as a chatbot, they may even recommend your services to others.

Some simple ways to improve user experience include:

• Setting up a blog and posting regularly

• Offering an opportunity for customers to leave feedback

• Encourage retention through ads and original content

It allows for business 24/7 A well-designed and clearly laid out website means that you can be confidently open for business 24/7, and can rest assured your business is represented in the best light round the clock.

A properly developed website can allow customers to access information after working hours, and also means they can order your products or get more information about the services you provide without any personal involvement from you or your employees.