Women in spraypainting

we spray anything

Gender equality is a topic that is still being widely discussed and is deemed an issue in 2018, it is not a female issue; it is a social and economic imperative.

The benefits to achieving full gender equality for women in the ‘messy’ middle is deemed apparent; it would possibly mean that there would be equal pay for equal work, paid parental leave polices being put in place for both male and female worker and a more equitable shouldering of caregiving responsibilities.

If gender parity is achieved, it would not only be women who would win but men, businesses and the economy would also win.

Spray painting is one of many industries where there are not enough women employed within it, for reasons that are unknown.

You could come up with countless excuses, but they would not be valid because there is no valid excuse, it is simply down to this whole concept of gender equality and what is deemed the right job role for females.

This mould needs to be broken and that is what we want to do here at We Spray Anything.

We want to expand our workforce in 2019 to have a suitable ratio of both men and women with equal pay and equal job rights.

The younger generation of women need to know that they can do what a man can do just as well and that they can follow whatever career path they want to take.