Building business with brands

The Curry Design Studio

The UK construction industry is huge - worth an estimated £110billion per annum - but it can be a rocky road for many businesses in this sector, in a fluctuating UK economy, and is one of the first to be impacted in times of uncertainty.

So what can be done to help ensure your business continues to build?

1. Brands build confidence

Brand messaging is a key element of any business, but particularly important in highly competitive industries.

In a boom-or-bust world, you need more than just a great product or service to ensure you survive, and thrive, during the good times and the bad.

A well designed brand captures attention and inspires confidence - not just outwardly for your customers and suppliers, but within your team, too - making your company one people will trust in.

So as you grow, those loyal customers, suppliers, and staff stick with you, because why would they go anywhere else?

2. Keep it consistent

Building a brand isn’t just about having a great logo - it brings your company’s values and beliefs into all your communications, and does it consistently.

All marketing collateral, from business cards and websites to social channels and sales brochures, need to have the same strong, simple message that can be clearly understood.

This needs to convey how your company can fulfil a requirement or solve a problem, and how you can do it better than anyone else.

That consistency also brings a great business benefit – once you’ve agreed your brand, no one needs to spend time or money working out how to present your company to your market.

3. Compete creatively

Being unique in the way you present your company through your marketing channels makes YOUR business the one that people remember, rather than your competitors.

A brand that is bold, different and self-assured captures attention and generates conversations.

A brand can convey personality in your industry when many of your competitors can look generic and (dare we say it?) a bit bland!

Building up a following will help your business bring in revenue, and continue to build through referral and recommendation from those that believe in your brand.

You are far less likely to end up with a lot of lapsed customers, or having to repeatedly convince customers to buy from you which is time-consuming and expensive. Your brand will be doing all this for you, your most effective salesman.

4. Trusted partner 

To help you build your brand, find an agency that understands your sector and your customers.

Someone who has a track record in creating design with a real purpose, and understands that your brand needs to do more than look beautiful – it needs to work hard at every level on every occasion.

Creatives that can speak your language and translate it into compelling and unforgettable design.

If you want help to build your brand contact us for an hour free brand strategy call.

Kate Curry, Director of The Curry Design Studio