How is Millennium Cargo preparing for Brexit?

Millennium Cargo

With Brexit just a month away, I thought it was time to let our clients know what we’re doing to prepare for the big change.

The honest answer is, it’s kind of hard to prepare for something, when you don’t know what it is you’re supposed to prepare for! Until there is an agreement in place, or a No-Deal Brexit is confirmed, we can’t really know exactly what to expect.

This level of uncertainty makes things a tad tricky, but be sure that here at Millennium we’re on the ball and doing all we can to minimise the impact of Brexit on our customers.

Basically, we’re prepared to prepare for the changes when we find out for certain what they will be!

We’re holding regular meetings to discuss any developments and we’re ready to react as soon as the final implications become clear.

As it stands, following news updates and the most recent information, it seems that Brexit will have very little impact on how Millennium operates and that our customers won’t see any delays, complications or challenges arise from it.

If the government releases any new information that suggests significant changes, we will review them and communicate them to you as soon as possible.

In summary, as it stands now we do not see any major threat and have no formal plans to make changes to our services at present.

Rest assured that everyone here at Millennium cargo is wholly committed to providing you with an uninterrupted service and will do everything we can to deliver this, whatever Brexit throws at us next month!